Robert Chambers

Robert Chambers is an expert in the art of changing peoples Lives, Families and Marriages.

He teaches individuals how to single-handedly transform their marriage situation.

Robert Chambers is the Manager Owner of Australian Professional Counselling Services, Inspirational Speaker and International Relationship Coach.

He has been a counsellor and coach for over 20 years.

Diploma of Professional Counselling – AIPC- Relationship. Marriage Counselling, Dyslexia, Depression, Substance Abuse. 

Robert is a much organised qualified, Family Therapist speaker and Mediator with a bubbly outlook on life. He has 16 years clinical, therapeutic, teaching and management experience across the mental health, welfare education, disability, and justice systems. He can handle many tasks and has exceptional organisation skills. He is a team player and extremely high achiever in work and at home. He possesses the right skills to resolve any misunderstandings with his clients in a cool and calm manner. He has a win win attitude to life and is always smiling no matter what is thrown him in life.

Robert is a family marriage and relationship therapist and inspiring teacher with a wide range of clinical and professional knowledge and skills. He is great at following and creating new systems that work. He works with whole families and complex systems. He has particular expertise in working with co-morbid mental health matters, therapy with fractured and fragmented families and working with problems in the context of complex education, health and other service delivery systems. Robert has inspired and worked therapeutically with children, adolescents and families for the past 16 years. He works also therapeutically with individuals and families with an acquired brain injury, intellectual disability, mental health issue, drug and alcohol problem, and especially with families affected by drug and alcohol addictions in the family unit and not excluding child abuse. He teaches family therapy and effective communication skills to families, company directors, professionals and sales teams and shows them how to live a fulfilling and purposeful life.

Robert also is an outstanding inspirational speaker due to his life long battle with Dyslexia which has afforded him with outstanding talents and skills in all areas of technology, art, communication, and teaching and has unquestionable compassion for others due to his battle with dyslexia over many years. And because of this with his three dimensional thinking he thrives in the fast lane especially when working with inspired and passionate people.

Robert runs private workshops for adult dyslexics to overcome the many disabilities associated with learning difficulties and inspire those affected by Dyslexia or ADHD to see it as a gift and see their full potential therefore become very successful in life. Robert has exceptional people skills he has written many articles and e-books on communication and relationships and is now writing his book Me Myself and Dyslexia on his life experiences with Dyslexia inspired by Dr John. F. DE martinis book “INSPIRED DESTINY”.

Roberts’s skills, outgoing personality and compassion for others will be of great value to any organisation he is part of.

Robert is supported by his lovely wife in whatever he does and has a lovely healthy marriage.

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