In marriage/relationships, we really do keep score. The way we keep score is not necessary a conscious one. Our mind automatically keeps an account of how our partner is meeting our emotional needs. Our partner has a love bank of us also.




  1. When we act in ways to please our spouse, we gain points in their love bank. When we act in a way to displease or upset them, we lose our points.


2.   Most of us are not aware of our partner’s needs let alone our own. We tend to give our mate what we need…. However, do not give to their needs, by not giving THEM what they want.


3.   There are two ways to increase LOVE BANK SCORES.


a) Increase behaviours that makes our partner happy.

b) Stop behaviours that makes our partner unhappy, this one called LOVE                   BUSTER.


4.   When we have stored or banked a large number of points. WE FALL IN LOVE. When there are fewer points coming in than are going out, we are bankrupt or withdrawn, then we fall out of love, and that’s when you separate, divorce, fall into resentment, and maybe call for help.

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