Dyslexia: A Gift or Curse?


What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a disorder involving difficulty in learning to read words, letters and other symbols. If you have Dyslexia it can and will affect your relationships and your entire life. Dyslexia literally means “trouble with words”. I am Dyslexic myself, so I will try and give you the reader as much help [...]

Dyslexia: A Gift or Curse?2017-09-14T12:41:44+10:00

Substance Abuse Effects on Marriage and Relationships


Over many years counselling couples, I have witnessed the devastating effects that substance abuse has had on family life. Substance abuse, which tends to be the main cause of family breakdowns, can vary from the overuse of prescription medication, illegal drugs or alcohol abuse. In our society, it is government supported, and they claim huge [...]

Substance Abuse Effects on Marriage and Relationships2017-09-14T12:37:51+10:00
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