This is a very serious situation and can be very destructive to any relationship. Giving the cold shoulder, as we say, only builds resentment on both sides. The silent treatment is actually a form of ostracism. Basically, when someone is ostracized it affects a part of the brain that detects pain, so you are inflicting [...]


Learn To Forgive


To forgive someone who has hurt you in some way is sometimes the hardest thing you may ever do. I have seen over the year’s people who take grudges and resentment to the grave. Examples of un-forgiveness are Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, families at war over the simplest things. Sometimes after years, they [...]

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Date Nights or Date Days


Date nights or date days with your partner are meant to be a special time for just you and your partner to be alone. It is the time you get to have and share in intimate conversation together “without outside distraction or interference.” It is a time where you can feel safe to share with [...]

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Dyslexia: A Gift or Curse?


What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a disorder involving difficulty in learning to read words, letters and other symbols. If you have Dyslexia it can and will affect your relationships and your entire life. Dyslexia literally means “trouble with words”. I am Dyslexic myself, so I will try and give you the reader as much help [...]

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Communication in Relationships


What is communication? Communication is the process of giving and receiving information. People do this by discussing ideas, sharing options, explaining what you want, expressing your feelings, and resolving conflicts with others. Communicating is something that we learn to do from the time we are born. The way we communicate is learned from our parents [...]

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Boundaries in Relationships


In every relationship, we have our own boundaries. They are guidelines, rules, and limits. Your boundary may be that you won’t tolerate being lied to, or put down. When your personal boundaries have been crossed you feel as though you have been taken advantage of or used. When someone’s boundaries are not clear it is [...]

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Substance Abuse Effects on Marriage and Relationships


Over many years counselling couples, I have witnessed the devastating effects that substance abuse has had on family life. Substance abuse, which tends to be the main cause of family breakdowns, can vary from the overuse of prescription medication, illegal drugs or alcohol abuse. In our society, it is government supported, and they claim huge [...]

Substance Abuse Effects on Marriage and Relationships2017-09-14T12:37:51+10:00

Alcohol Abuse and its Effect on Relationship Happiness


Alcohol abuse can affect overall marital satisfaction and quality of life, according to Australian Professional Counselling Services. This results in marital distress among spouses suffering from dealing with a partner battling alcohol abuse. Distress and anger are associated with high levels of alcohol or drug abuse in marriage or relationships. Alcohol use can increase negative [...]

Alcohol Abuse and its Effect on Relationship Happiness2017-09-14T12:34:17+10:00

Building Your Love Bank


In marriage/relationships, we really do keep score. The way we keep score is not necessary a conscious one. Our mind automatically keeps an account of how our partner is meeting our emotional needs. Our partner has a love bank of us also.   THE WAY IT WORKS   When we act in ways to please [...]

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You and the Psychologist


At Australian Professional Counselling Services we do not hide in our office like most counsellors and psychologists,we go out into the real world and meet you in your home,the parks,on the streets and sometimes, in our office.We do not live off the system,as with most psychologists, counsellors who get paid no matter what,and you [...]

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