What is communication? Communication is the process of giving and receiving information. People do this by discussing ideas, sharing options, explaining what you want, expressing your feelings, and resolving conflicts with others. Communicating is something that we learn to do from the time we are born. The way we communicate is learned from our parents and the people around us. Gradually, over a long period of time we tend to do it automatically, most of the time. Communication is a combination of verbal and non-verbal. Verbal includes the words or symbols that we use to convey information to someone. Non-verbal communication describes your gestures, body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Verbal and non-verbal communication may or may not convey the same information. Sometimes people will say one thing, but really feel something else, and usually this difference is communicated in the non-verbal behaviours. The lack of awareness of this discrepancy can most definitely lead to misunderstandings with others. You may be aware that what you are saying and feeling are different. Sometimes people may think they can read other people’s emotions by looking at their faces. Be careful as you may draw on wrong conclusions. Read more on this topic and download a copy of our e-book “Communicate Daily’ from “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week.” This book is filled with great ideas, tips, and suggestions on how to develop outstanding communication skills in a positive and practical way. Then when you finish this book take a look at the other six e books in this series you won’t be disappointed.