Date nights or date days with your partner are meant to be a special time for just you and your partner to be alone. It is the time you get to have and share in intimate conversation together “without outside distraction or interference.” It is a time where you can feel safe to share with your partner honest feelings about how you feel towards your partner and yourself. It’s time to be you, without criticism and attack from your partner. It is a safe time of love and sharing, a time to talk openly regarding any issues that you may have in your relationship. It may be a time to talk about your love bank and how many points you have left or how you may increase your points. It is vital to understand the love bank principles to increase a healthier relationship. The time taken does not matter, one hour or six hours, it’s up to you. It’s important you both communicate on an intimate level. It’s also a time, if you’re new to this date time together to get rid of things you have been bottling up in your head for weeks or even years. It is a time to listen to your partner and not a time to use anger against your partner, raise your voice, swear, scream or attack. Use this time wisely to gain love. It’s not a time to just sit, say nothing, watch TV, or movies. It’s time to talk, listen, and communicate your needs to your partner openly and honestly. For more help on your relationship download a copy of “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week.” A great way to get started would be to get a copy of our book “Set up a Date Night” Day 5. This book is full of practical fun ways to have a fantastic night out with your partner. Furthermore, included are great tips, information and suggestions. If you want some extra spice in your relationship with the one you love get a copy of the other 6 books in the series. They will certainly light up your fire.