What is Dyslexia? Dyslexia is a disorder involving difficulty in learning to read words, letters and other symbols. If you have Dyslexia it can and will affect your relationships and your entire life. Dyslexia literally means “trouble with words”. I am Dyslexic myself, so I will try and give you the reader as much help and information on dyslexia that I can. Dyslexia is basically having difficulties with spelling, writing and reading. The challenges associated with Dyslexia are not what most people think. Dyslexics have trouble with reversals of words and letters. I never showed any of these tendencies, even though I am definitely Dyslexic. It does not matter if you’re a child or a person who is a company director, let me tell you now Dyslexia can ruin your life or make it. Dyslexia can be a gift if used in the right way. I have seen many clients in front of me who did not even know they had Dyslexia. Some people sink into depression while others use the special skills and talents which unknowingly are associated with Dyslexia.

Don’t get me wrong, Dyslexia can sink you into depression; make you into an angry person and destroy your self-esteem. If you are married to a Dyslexic you have your work cut out for you. It’s just not easy, especially if your partner focuses on the negative side of Dyslexia. First take a look at the list below and see if you fit.

• Good hands-on learning, intuitive at figuring out how to do things.
• Low at reading and tends not to flow through intelligence.
• They have vivid imaginations.
• Have a tendency to get angry due to frustrations.
• Able to dismantle things and fix them at an early age.

• Will shy away from computers.
• Dyslexics are visual and see and read in pictures.
• Loses reading place.
• Highly intuitive and insightful.
• Labelled as lazy, dumb, and careless at school, so you don’t go.
These are just a few examples of signs of dyslexia. Call us to find out more and speak to one of our counsellors. Dyslexia is not a problem that is only experienced by children and teenagers. An adult dyslexic may at times get very frustrated at themselves and may experience times of intense anger or frustration with everyday life.

Adult Dyslexics may go into depression due to what they see as their own failure to achieve their goals. Jobs require individuals to do courses, which have exams, often involving reading, maths and writing. This causes anxiety, stress and results in that person to fail or avoid the job completely, and if that person is put off work and has to change jobs after years of mastering that job it creates total anxiety and stress.

There is no cure for Dyslexia, and it’s not a disease or illness (Mental or physical). It is more of a gift if used in the right way. Many famous people had Dyslexia, i.e. Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Cher, Tom Cruise, Walt Disney, Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Branson and John Lennon. The list goes on. All these people succeeded because of being Dyslexic, including myself. If you feel you may be dyslexic give us a call as we can help you. If you feel that you may suffer from Dyslexia as I have all these years it may be of some comfort that help is not far away. Contact us here or download a copy of “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week,” These books will help anyone if they have what I call the Gift of Dyslexia. Download book 5 or day 5 for a start “Restore the Passion.” This book will help you with tips, information, and suggestions to empower and prevail over Dyslexia. Furthermore, this book can help you reach your fullest potential in life and hopefully create a new direction in your quest for answers. Soon to be released is my new book ME MYSELF AND DYSLEXIA which tells of my struggle through life as a Dyslexic from a small child to now. CHAPTER ONE “MY STATE SCHOOL DAYS “WILL SOON BE ON THIS SITE SO KEEP WATCH. Whether you have Dyslexia, low self esteem or learning difficulties this series of e books will definitely help.