Secrets To A Romantic Love Affair In 7 Days With Your Partner

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Day 1: Start Each Day With A Smile

The most important gift you can give anyone is a smile, so why not your partner?
Try and smile as much as possible for the one you love. If you have lost your smile, find ways to get it back again.

Day 2: Talk To Each Other And Listen To Your Partner

Talk about your feelings and never give “The Silent Treatment”.
Find time to catch up with your partner, call them, have lunch together, and learn how to communicate.

Day 3: Build Your Lovebank

Give to your partner’s emotional needs;
Accumulate points, do not allow your account to get too low until you are bankrupt.
Know both of your needs and apply the 12 Steps.

Day 4: Set Up A Date Night

At least once a week put the night, or day, aside to be with each other and to enhance your relationship.

Day 5: Restore The Passion

If you want a happier marriage, your sex life and passion need to be excellent.
So talk about sex as it is critical for a happy marriage, touch each other, hug and kiss goodbye, massage each other for a start.

Day 6: Learn To Forgive

You can never live in the present and create a new and exciting future for yourself and your partner if you always stay stuck in the past.
Let go of past hurts and live for today.

Day 7: Focus On Your Partners Good Points

One of the biggest problems that lead to an unhappy marriage is negative thoughts. Make a list of all the things you love about your partner and things you love about your relationship.

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