Flexible marriage coaching, your way

Solutions-based approach to repair a marriage

Communication. Vulnerability. Honesty.

Marriage Counselling

It doesn’t take months or years of counselling to lay the foundations for a happy marriage.

With 80% of traditional marriage counselling ending in divorce, our approach to marriage coaching offers a unique perspective unavailable anywhere else.

Utilising proven techniques in coaching, Robert Chambers uncovers the real reasons for the difficulties, finds out about family history, identifies expected goals from the program and gets to know clients on a deeper level.

Our marriage coaching services encompass the following:

Office consultations

Consultations take place in a professional, relaxed environment at our welcoming office in Birtinya, Sunshine Coast.

In-home coaching

In your own surroundings, you naturally feel more relaxed. This familiarity encourages dialogue that leads to solutions. In-home coaching provides the added benefit of Robert being able to observe the surroundings and the actions of the couple in their natural environment.

Neutral location

Coaching can take place at the beach or any neutral place such as a park or café. The key to successful coaching is to make sure all participants feel relaxed so meeting in an impartial location away from known triggers can be critical for some.

Online or video

With a 98% success rate, Robert’s coaching is well received all over Australia. If you’re unable to get to the Sunshine Coast, one-on-one coaching is available via video call.


If you’re ready, the coaching begins the minute you pick up the phone to make your first appointment.

Rather than simply making an appointment, this initial contact begins a discovery session where we’ll find out the background to prepare for our first meeting.

No two marriages are the same and committing to this extra level of customer service will help us get the best results.

APCS e-Books
(free for clients)

Understanding patterns of behaviours and learning the psychodynamics of broken relationships is critical to saving a marriage.

Focusing on the psychological aspects of a healthy relationship, the APCS e-books tell you how to break unhelpful patterns that caused the marriage problems and establish new, positive behaviours that lead to a happy marriage.

80% say they are much worse off or divorced after traditional marriage counselling. Work with a flexible, third-party coach in a way that suits your lifestyle, budget and personal journey.


Call Australian Professional Counselling Services and take your first step into a happy, healthy marriage today.