House Calls To Your Home
or My Office
With Coach Robert Chambers

5 Weeks To A Healthy Loving Marriage
In My Marriage Success Program

No other Counselling Service offers this kind of impeccable service, I assure you. If you only
see me once in your home or in my office on the Sunshine Coast,  I already know that you are not serious in saving your Marriage or improving your life for the best.  You can learn so many more skills and transform your lives, Marriages or Relationships into loving, healthy and caring ones.

I offer a marriage renewal program designed as an alternative to traditional marriage counselling.
Recent case studies show that this program is FAR BETTER to successfully save and enhance any marriage or relationship, no matter what condition they are, than traditional counselling.

I’m one of the only Coach (Counselors)
who goes to clients homes in Australia.
Where I see you in your environment.
The Success rate is over 95%, WHY  ?!
Because you can be more relaxed and be
yourself, its that simple. If you are serious
and want to fix your marriage CALL ME NOW!

Hi, I’m Coach Robert Chambers
Get Results In Just 1 Week

With My Marriage Success Program

John Hicks

My Wife & I went to Marriage Counselling.
We really wanted to make our marriage work.  After a few sessions we realised we were getting no where.   A friend
recommended Coach Robert, after one 2 hr session our Marriage Started to improve in just one week with Robert “Coaching” us.

Im also available to see you in the comfort of my office, on the Sunshine Coast, Birtinya.
Located in the Sunshine Coast’s Premier Business Centre.

I am conveniently located in Innovation Parkway, Birtinya.  This is halfway between Maroochydore and Caloundra and only 7 minutes drive from the Bruce Highway.

My First Session with Clients is always 2 hours so you can get the maximum benefits of my services as quick as possible.
The one hour sessions over my 5 week Marriage success program.