Did you know that most sleep problems are associated with stress? It’s a fact. Have you ever lied in bed at night tossing and thumping the pillow, knowing you have to get up in a couple of hours to go to work? Now that it’s 2011 the pressure is on even more! Not like it was 10 years ago without mobiles. Peaceful wasn’t it? Now back to 2011, lying in your bed trying to go to sleep. We have all experienced what it’s like to have trouble falling asleep. To lie awake in the middle of the night, or feel sleepy and exhausted and totally fatigued during the day and our minds are busy. Not enough time in the day, we say, for my partner, kids, friends, washing the car, and mowing lawns. What about me? What happened to my life? Do I have time for me? STOP. Slow down. When do you have time for you? You just need to slow down and calm your mind to have a great night’s sleep. With a calm mind, you will sleep, unless you have some serious medical problem like sleep apnoea. Find out how much you snore then I recommend you see your doctor. If you can’t stop your mind racing, I suggest you take time out and learn to meditate. This helps you to live in the moment and relieve stress. It works 100% guaranteed. You have to make the decision to step back from the rat race. Give it a go. Relax, stop, you could also download a copy of our e-books “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week.” These e-books are filled with lots of ideas, information, strategies, and techniques to change your life. You won’t be disappointed. Once your relationship is happier, insomnia most likely will be overcome.