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Introduction Letter

Thank you for considering Australian Professional Counselling Services. I’m glad you have considered coaching.  Your life, your marriage and relationships are about to change from today for the best, I promise you! – though only if you put the work in as many others have.  It’s really a big step in the right direction.  I hope you will stay with me as I have a lot to teach, information on my website and articles on my FB Business page, such as top articles, Videos and Blogs on saving relationships and marriages.

No other counselling service offers this kind of impeccable service, I assure you.  If you only see me once I already know that you are not really serious in saving your relationship or improving you life.  You don’t have to be on FB to see the articles on my FB Business page. I will send you a link so you can view all of them. You can learn so many more skills and transform your lives, marriage, relationships, into a loving healthy and caring ones.  I offer a relationship renewal program designed to as an alternative to traditional marriage counselling.  Recent Case studies show that this program is FAR BETTER to successfully save and enhance a marriage or relationship than traditional counselling.

Your first session with me will be approximately 2 hours, though this can go over, the second session is in one week.  then in another 2 weeks, and in another 2 weeks.   Then a follow up in 2 months to keep you on track.   As we tend to go back to old habits.

On the first session together, I call it orientation day – just like school, where we get to know each other and I start to teach you how to change your life and fix your relationship or marriage.  I will hand out articles for homework and give you my 12 steps to a happier fulfilled marriage or relationship in 7 days brochure.  This is to be placed in your fridge or a place where it can be easily seen.  This is the foundation for my 7 e-books Secrets to a romantic love affair in one week with your partner.

At the end of the first session I will ask you or your partner to download my set of eBooks advertised on the homepage of my Website ASAP. If you’re serious about renewing your marriage or relationship with the one you love, I need you to read them ASAP, and start applying the new tools, hopefully in the first seven days if you are really committed to your marriage or relationship.  I NEED YOU TO BE COMMITTED AS COMMITTED I’M COMMITTED TO YOU AND READ ALL OF MY ARTICLES AND WATCH ALL MY VIDEOS ON MY WEBSITE AND BUSINESS FB PAGE AND APPLY THEM TO YOUR LIFE
So as to be able to get the full benefits of my program.