To forgive someone who has hurt you in some way is sometimes the hardest thing you may ever do. I have seen over the year’s people who take grudges and resentment to the grave. Examples of un-forgiveness are Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters, families at war over the simplest things. Sometimes after years, they don’t even remember what happened in the first place. To forgive is not to let the offender go free. It’s actually to let you free because harboring grudges, and resentment affects your own health. You have to weigh things up. Is what happened last week, last month, or years ago really worth all the headaches, high blood pressure, dramas and bad health due to anxiety or even depression while the offender of the so-called crime goes free. I’m not saying forget or saying let go of all your negative emotions. Try first to communicate in a positive effective way. If that does not work, you need to let go not just for your sake, but for the people most dear to you, because they will suffer alongside you, because of your negative behaviour especially if the offender crosses your path, and you react. Try to forgive its not easy. Learn skills about how to forgive. One way is to download a copy of our e-books “Secret to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week.” These books will most definitely help or phone and talk to one of our life coaches today. Take a look at our book “Learn to forgive” Day 4. This book will definitely help you and your partner to learn how to forgive and put the past in the past where it belongs. It is packed with great tips, suggestions and information. When combined with our other 6 books in this series you will gain empowering knowledge and thereby be able to get on with your life in a positive and rewarding way.