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Same Day Appointments

If you need an urgent counselling appointment please call Robert on 0409 380 375. If I am not available, most likely I am in a consultation, please leave a message with your name and phone number so I can call you asap. You will receive a 15 minute free advice call and if you feel I am the right person to work with you we will schedule a face to face counselling consultation. If for any chance you miss my call, please try booking a time using the form below so we can arrange your first 15 minute free advice session.

Outdoor and Home Visits also available.

Online Booking – Request a Call Back

APCS will contact you via phone at the time that best suit you for your first 15 minute free advice session. If you are unavailable at the time Robert calls back and still would like to book a session, please send a txt message to 0409 380 375 to schedule an appointment.

Please note only contact us if you are serious about changing your life and relationships for the best



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