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With Coach Robert Chambers

We all know our situation better than most, but when we look at our situation we are actually the one least likely to see how to resolve it.

It is not a case of you not being smart or insightful, you are simply too close to see your relationships clearly. Or you just keep going around in circles getting nowhere, or playing ‘Snakes & Ladders’ for years, getting better then going back to the start.

Sound Familiar?

In the case of your marriage you need to be working with a coach, a 3rd party expert. Not a counsellor but a person like me who gives you strategies and tools that work!

Australia Wide Video and Phone Sessions

Hi. I’m Coach Robert Chambers

Whatever the circumstances at this present time you’re coping with, I’ve seen it many times before in my office ad in the homes of my clients.
Your marriage is not something to mess around with, as you try to put the pieces back together like some sort of jigsaw puzzle. You just may not get another chance before it ends in resentment, and you take this into another relationship.
You would be a lot wiser to get sound teaching based on experience, based on what really works.

John & Julie
Melb, Vic

Thank you so much Robert, for saving our marriage. You inspired us so much.

We are so glad we phoned you and our video sessions were amazing.

If you really sincerely want to save your marriage, and when people act on their instincts, things will usually get a lot worse, not better.
It’s not what you are doing doesn’t make sense, it’s that when you are in a marital situation the relationship is not logical, they’re psychological!
And unless you understand all the Psycho-Dynamics of broken marital relationships you will most likely dig yourself into more of a mess.

I can usually predict the outcomes of certain decisions my clients make before they make them, as I have been seeing couples for over 20 years now.
So I have many years of experience so I can teach you to have that lovely healthy marriage back again that you may have had at the beginning of your marriage and even better.