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Australian Professional Marriage & Relationship Coaching Services

A Far Better Way to Fix Your Marriage

Coach Robert Chambers

I specialise and am dedicated to building healthy marriages and relationships.
I give personal coaching and empower individuals and families to grow.
I am inspired to be one of the best at teaching my students in my “Be Inspired For Life” course.

  • I coach 7 days a week and after hours

  • I offer a 100% money back guarantee

  • I offer you home visits or in my comfortable office

  • I offer you video calls

  • I do not charge extra for couples

  • I will get back to you same day if I miss your call

  • I will see you within 24 hours of calling if you wish

  • I have over 20 years experience

  • I have the highest number of google reviews in Australia and rising

  • My success rate is almost 95% in saving marriages

  • My books are FREE to my clients

I am a Marriage and Family Coach, I graduated from an accredited Marriage and Family College AIPC in 1997.
My experience is in areas that affect relationships for individuals, couples and families.

50% of my clients are dealing with Marriage or Relationship issues.
These issues include communication difficulties, spouse abuse, resentment, unfulfilled needs, infidelity, anger management, substance abuse, pre-marital issues, sexual abuse, and re-kindling passion and romance.

30% of my clients are working through family issues.
These issues include blended families or adoptive family issues, anger management, child impulsiveness, sexual abuse, physical abuse, self worth issues, attention deficit, and family involvement in the legal system.

15% of my clients are dealing with situations surrounding divorce or dissolution of a relationship.
The situations include custody and visitation issues, parenting, time management, family violence, making decisions in the best interest of children, learning to communication after divorce, and anger management.

5% of my clients are individuals working through issues including learning to date, substance abuse, work related concerns, self esteem, anger management, and grief/loss.

Are any of the above affecting your marriage or relationship?

80% say they are much worse off or divorced after “Marriage Counselling”.

Did you know that over 80% of couples that go to “Marriage Counselling” report they are worse off or divorced less than a year later?

They spend a lot of time and money in “Marriage Counselling” trying to solve problems and learning communication techniques only to find nothing worked. And then they are back in the same place, playing ‘Snakes & Ladders’ in their marriage, or they just may call me and fix it in a few hours!

Now there is an Alternative to “Marriage Counselling”

It’s called Marriage Coaching, a Proven System that Saves Marriages

Do you sincerely want to get your Marriage and Life back on track?

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