Alcohol abuse can affect overall marital satisfaction and quality of life, according to Australian Professional Counselling Services. This results in marital distress among spouses suffering from dealing with a partner battling alcohol abuse. Distress and anger are associated with high levels of alcohol or drug abuse in marriage or relationships. Alcohol use can increase negative and hostile communication, and lead to less warmth and unity in a relationship. In particular, if your partner’s family had a history of alcohol or substance abuse, the patterning can continue from generation to generation. Consequentially, the problem of living with this person’s addictions will escalate. Therefore, it is necessary to develop high self-esteem. To achieve this, you need to download a copy of our e books “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week.” Each book will definitely help you cope with living with a partner suffering from substance abuse. The 7 books are filled with information, tips, strategies, and techniques. All the information from each one of these books will help restore your relationship with your partner in a fun and practical way.