It triggers!

The ultimate responsibilities for an angry reaction both begin and end inside of an individual. The responsibility for anger and response to that anger rests with the person. If your anger is always about somebody or something outside of your control, change will not happen. Shifting the cause of anger is used by those people who are not sure how to, or perhaps you want to change. If you are prone to sudden bouts of anger and genuinely feel sorry afterwards for being uptight it means that you are sincere about giving up this viscous habit. You must be aware that nobody can make you angry if you are determined not to feel angry, control your emotions and feelings. However, many people out there will do their best to aggravate you to get a reaction. Why? Because they are addicted to the dramas associated with angry people, i.e. (The dance of anger). Leave the situation when your anger is mounting as this will help you regain control of your emotions and calm down. Tell the other person you will be back when you have calmed down. For more ideas on how to control your anger, and improve your relationships, download a copy of “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week” or contact Australian Professional Counselling Services. These e books are filled with lots of encouraging tips, suggestions and tools. Finally, they are presented in a simple fun and practical way to help you overcome any anger issues you may have.