At Australian Professional Counselling Services we do not hide in our office like most counsellors and psychologists,we go out into the real world and meet you in your home,the parks,on the streets and sometimes, in our office.We do not live off the system,as with most psychologists, counsellors who get paid no matter what,and you feel like all they want is your money for little service.

We give you great service 24/7 you pay for what you get with us.On your first visit to us we spend a minimum of two hours with you so we have time to get to know each other,and work out the problems in your marriages, relationships and your life ASAP. No one hour sessions,on Your first visit with us,as with most counsellors and psychologists.This is a waste of time and energy, reason being you just get going and then have to finish the session till next week,so they can string out the consultations as long as possible to make maximum return out of the system and you.

With us at APCS we have to work on giving you quality time,including after hours support,or we simply don’t get paid for the excellent service we provide to our clients.We even give you a back up service for life, anytime you need to talk to someone we are here for you.

No long waiting to see us,normally same day,or minimum of 24hours max,where most other counsellors and psychologists could take a week to a month to see you.TOO LATE ! By then your marriage, relationship,or your life will most likely be in a far bigger mess.
How much do you value yourself your relationships,your future happiness?Ask yourself.Also what price do you put on them.We also don’t drag up the past all the time,we work on the now and your future and inspire and teach you to work on yourself,to make healthier relationships and better choices in life,that’s why we have a high success rate with our clients.
It all makes a lot of sense,Doesn’t it.