The Mental Health Profession and Australian Professional Counselling Services categorize depression as a mood disorder. We recognize that its symptoms can vary widely from one person to another. It is also accurate to think of depression as a complex problem that can affect many different aspects of the sufferer’s life. I know this because I have been there. It can and will affect the body, and introduce such physical symptoms as insomnia, fatigue, appetite disturbances, diminished libido and anxiety. Furthermore, it can affect your mind and interferes with the ability to live a normal healthy life. Depression can affect emotions causing feelings of sadness, despair, guilt, worthlessness and apathy. Depression feels like you’re in a hole and can’t get out; even if you do slip back into it or sit on the edge for years. It’s not something you can snap out of, as some people may tell you to do. Medication can work in some cases. If you get down and tend to stay down, get help immediately. Go to your doctor or counsellor. The difficult part of depression is that you stop trying, stop caring, and withdraw from life. This can make you feel even worse. The impact on you, family, and partner can be devastating. You can get out of the hole of depression by changing your diet to a healthier one, cut down on alcohol, caffeine, fatty foods, and smoking. Start exercising or go to a gym. Swimming is great for calming depression. It all helps.

Depression can make you feel you are in a hopeless situation as described above. Make it clear; to be depressed is to suffer. You can definitely get out, as I did, and stay out of the hole of depression. For more help regarding depression and staying out of depression download a copy of our e-books, “Secrets to a Romantic Love Affair in One Week”. This set of books has fantastic tips, suggestions, and information to empower you to a head start in beating depression. How do I know this, simple I have been there?